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Advice on Chasing Business Debt

If you thought that it was simply a case of picking up the phone or sending a letter to a debtor and they would then pay, then you are wrong. Instead, you come across two types of people. The first are those who genuinely want to pay back the money that they owe and, to be honest, they are easy to deal with. However, those people are few and far between and that is where life becomes a lot more complicated.

The second group are those that need to be chased and hounded in order to get anywhere with them paying back the debt. The difficulty here is that you could easily assign an individual to do this work, but does your member of staff understand what to do, how to go about it, or even how to make sure that they do things legally? Probably not and that has to be the biggest issue surrounding the chasing of a debt.

Do your staff have the time to do this? Could they be doing something better with their time? Do you even have the manpower to allocate to this task?

At Premium Collections we can can make that a question you don't have to answer. One call to us and we'll start the ball rolling.

Advice on Chasing Business Debt

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"We have used Robert and his team on several occasions and they never fail to deliver results. They have a fantastic attitude with your clients, ensuring the future supplier-client relationship never becomes strained but use an approach that is certainly effective. We have had debts that have been outstanding almost 12-months and Premium Collections have recovered them within a couple of days of being instructed. We can’t recommend them enough."

John Allan – Altius Online Marketing

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