Commercial Debt Collection

Commercial and Business debt recovery is the process of chasing businesses to pay back the money they owe. This debt collection process need not be strenuous or time-consuming on your part as we can handle the process from start to finish. If your clients are not paying or are slow payers then a commercial debt recovery plan should be on your agenda to allow for the full recovery of monies owed.

As expert commercial debt recovery agents, we promote amicable debt collection procedures to recover the unpaid invoices whilst at the same time retaining good relations between parties where possible. We work hard to chase and recover outstanding debts quickly and cost-effectively.

Debt collection can take up valuable resources from a time and manpower perspective so we offer many years of debt recovery experience and a specialized skill set so you can concentrate on developing and growing your business. We also provide consultancy and advice so you can have credit control procedures in place which can often stop bad debts and many other financial problems before they happen.

Our Clients range from sole proprietors to small and medium-sized businesses who work with us to ensure that they benefit from our debt collection and recovery experience and knowledge.

Commercial and business debt collection can often be a minefield for all businesses and when not managed correctly can lead to cash flow and bad debt issues. Here at Premium Collections, we make it our mission to ensure you get paid on time, every time.

Expert negotation and repayment schedules

Regular progress updates and reporting

Letters, e-mails, SMS and Telehpone calls

Specialist legal mediation and investigation

“Wow, Premium Collections work quick!” 

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Expert Help From Expert Debt Collectors 

Premium Collections are industry experts in the field of Commercial Debt Collection, recovering millions of pounds every year. We deliver a unprecedented low cost debt collection service that maximises results.

Our expert and specialist staff have experienced every possible scenario and have the resources to deal with all situations in a professional and diligent manner. We ensure that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of your debt and strive to achieve the very best results possible for our clients.

Status reporting 

We can confirm whether a business is paying its other creditors on time and complying with Companies House regulations in addition to whether they are profitable or not. If you take legal action internally or wish to pre-vet potential customers then the results of the report could save you time and money.

We can also prepare reports on individuals to include whether they have any prior history of insolvency and if they own their property. Read more…

No collect no fee – Guaranteed

Instructions are loaded to the collections system on the day of receipt (if before 4pm) and a letter sent to the debtor. Experienced telephone collectors then take over the collection activity.

Premium Collections Limited does not employ power dialler technology, collections staff are allowed time to negotiate with the debtor to pay their debt in full or by a payment plan in the shortest time possible.

If an invoice has not been paid within your specified terms, Premium Collections Limited can, with your agreement or subject to your own contractual terms and conditions, apply late payment charges and/or interest as stipulated by The Late Payments of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act 1988.

Our Mission and Vision Statement

"To be the best in our field for the benefit of our clients."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on how old a debt can be for you to chase it?

We can chase all debts up to 6 years old.

If my debtor has moved without providing a forwarding address can you locate them?

Yes we can. We work on a no trace/no fee basis.

If my debtor already has a County Court Judgment registered against them can you still help us?

Yes, we can help you with post Judgment enforcement of the debt.

What is your average success rate?

Every claim is different but overall we have a success rate of just over 80%. 

Can you chase foreign debtors?

Yes we can. We work throughout the World.

Do you just chase businesses or can you chase individuals too.

We can chase individuals as long as the debt is not subject to a regulated credit agreement. 

What is late payment compensation?
The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest Act) 1998 allows creditors to add late payment fees to commercials debts. The fees are on a per invoice basis and are £40.00 for invoices up to £999.99, £70.00 for invoices up to £9999.99 and £100.00 for invoices of £10,000 and above. 
If my debtor disputes the debt can you still help me?

Yes, we will try and negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement with the debtor.

If I want to issue a County Court Claim against a debtor can you do that for me?
Yes, our legal team can issue the Claim on your behalf, obtain Judgment against the debtor and 
proceed with enforcement thereafter.