It’s important that you make the right choice when deciding on which of the many commercial debt recovery companies to handle your business. With so many to choose from, its often difficult to make a confident choice that will fit within your budget and get the results you require. At Premium Collections we like to keep everything as simple as possible.

Thats why we have included a selection of the many testimonials our team has received from clients. Lets hope we can add your companies name to our growing client base and start getting you the results you need.

“We had a debt that had been outstanding for almost a year with the client contesting they had received goods. Court action was required and Premium Collections recovered the debt in full with costs. It is a fantastic service: efficient, courteous and successful, saving time and stress. If we find ourselves needing help again I will go straight to them, I recommend them highly.”


SØDT Bakery

“We have been happy with the service provided to us thus far with Premium Collections and have been pleasantly surprised with having a debt repaid very quickly and amicably that we did not expect would happen without the need for legal proceedings.”

Victoria Taylor

Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt Architects

“We have used Robert and his team on several occasions and they never fail to deliver results. They have a fantastic attitude with your clients, ensuring the future supplier-client relationship never becomes strained but use an approach that is certainly effective. We have had debts that have been outstanding almost 12-months and Premium Collections have recovered them within a couple of days of being instructed. We can’t recommend them enough.”

John Allan

Altius Online Marketing

“Premium Collections are fast working & effective. They have helped a great deal with collecting bad debts on behalf of our company. The process is very straight forward, they have saved our company time and resources for a fair fee in return.

I would highly recommend them to any company who are short on time and resource and looking to effectively reduce their bad debts.”

Sam Whellans

The App Accounting Group Limited

“We have been using the services of Premium Collections for the past four years and have been consistently pleased with the results.  Our bad debts tend to be quite small and irregular in nature, yet Robert and his team are able to work with us to encourage clients to make prompt payment.

The service provided by Premium Collections Northern is good value for money.  The team is enthusiastic and quick to respond to new work, questions, or requests for advice.”

Kevin Haran

MPE Plumbing Heating Gas

“When I was told by someone, who had worked closely with Robert Smyth, that he was “like a dog with a bone, he will not let go until all outstanding debt is collected,” I decided to put my faith in Robert. As a former Credit Manager, with over 20 years’ experience, it is a business I understand well. Robert took over my debt collection and collected the overdue payments from my outstanding debtors, enabling me to focus on doing what I want to do and what I do best these days; coaching my clients.

On one occasion the situation was very delicate for me as it was an uncomfortable situation with a former colleague. Robert professionally approached this situation and collected all the debt and by his positive actions kept the integrity of all parties intact. Thank you Robert. I recommend Robert highly to any business owner wanting swift and professional collection of any overdue debt.”

Tim Downes

True Results Ltd

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on how old a debt can be for you to chase it?

We can chase all debts up to 6 years old.

If my debtor has moved without providing a forwarding address can you locate them?

Yes we can. We work on a no trace/no fee basis.

If my debtor already has a County Court Judgment registered against them can you still help us?

Yes, we can help you with post Judgment enforcement of the debt.

What is your average success rate?

Every claim is different but overall we have a success rate of just over 80%. 

Can you chase foreign debtors?

Yes we can. We work throughout the World.

Do you just chase businesses or can you chase individuals too.

We can chase individuals as long as the debt is not subject to a regulated credit agreement. 

What is late payment compensation?
The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest Act) 1998 allows creditors to add late payment fees to commercials debts. The fees are on a per invoice basis and are £40.00 for invoices up to £999.99, £70.00 for invoices up to £9999.99 and £100.00 for invoices of £10,000 and above. 
If my debtor disputes the debt can you still help me?

Yes, we will try and negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement with the debtor.

If I want to issue a County Court Claim against a debtor can you do that for me?
Yes, our legal team can issue the Claim on your behalf, obtain Judgment against the debtor and 
proceed with enforcement thereafter.