Premium Collections Ltd is a member of Callisto Grand (formerly the association for Credit Central and Eastern Europe) and in 2021 we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Credit Matters X Conference in Prague, particularly inspired at a talk by The Lego Group.

The importance of continuous education

As any business owner will tell you, in order to keep ahead in industry and be considered an expert in one’s field, we must embrace opportunities to learn from others and see where we can collaborate to ultimately support our customers to the best of our ability and deliver value. One way in which the Premium Collections team do this is by attending conferences and events associated with our industry such as the annual World Credit Congress and Credit Matters X – the latter which Paul Daine, our Managing Director, attended recently.

Zero bad debt and business growth

Speaking on day 2 of the 3-day event, Paolo di Stefano, Senior Manager AR Credit & Controlling at The LEGO Group, and Eefje van Craen, Director of Moody’s Analytics (a company providing financial intelligence and growth, efficiency and risk management analytical tools) delivered an highly informative speech describing their voyage through recent turbulence, and how anticipating future events and working closely with sales resulted not only in zero bad debts but also substantial business growth.

What we learned

This inspiring talk of how a multi-billion dollar company has achieved zero bad debtors helped us validate our approach to supporting our global clients with collaboration. We build relationships with their credit control teams and work to understand the software and processes they use so that we can best assist them in collecting monies owed.

Ongoing learning is important for the team at Premium Collections, to maintain a fantastic track record assisting our UK and international clients with debt recovery. This year we will be attending the World Credit Conference in Dublin and looking forward to learning from our peers in the industry.

Find out more

To learn more about our approach to debt recovery and how we could help you in your own goals towards zero debtors both here in the UK and anywhere in the world, please contact Paul Daine, managing director of the no. 1 debt collection agency in the U.K. by calling 0161 962 4695 (or +44 161 962 4695 outside the UK) or you can email